Ultimate Essentials Pro FAQs

Aug 7, 2018
Ultimate Essentials Pro FAQs
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    How to use:
    - Install PlaceholderAPI on your server
    - Perform /ue admin
    - Go to the second page, and enable PlaceHolderAPI hook
    - Install the papi addon you want by doing "/papi ecloud download <name>", if you want a list of addons you can do "/papi ecloud list all <page>".

    For Chat Format:
    - Open /plugins/UltimateEssentialsPro/config.yml
    - Edit chat-format to your liking
    - Use ANY placeholder located HERE with { } around it instead of % %
    - Save config.yml and perform /ue reload config

    For Tab:
    - Use /tab command as normal
    - Use ANY placeholder located HERE with { } around it instead of % %
    - Placeholders will be added into tab
    How to use:
    - Crouch + Right-click spawner or perform /spawner while looking at a spawner
    - Use menu to select which mob you would like the spawner to spawn
    How to use:
    - Custom chat can be enabled/disabled using /ue admin
    - Custom chat format can be modified in the config.yml
    - After modifying the chat format perform /ue reload file
    How to use:
    - Custom death messages are enabled by default
    - You can make your own death messages by modifying the messages.yml
    - After modifying the death messages perform /ue reload file
    How to use:
    - Open Messages/Config.yml located in /plugins/UltimateEssentialsPro
    - Edit Options or Messages to your liking
    - Close and Save the file to your server
    - Perform /ue reload file in-game or in console
    How to use:
    - Perform /ue reset in-game or in console
    How to use:
    - Create a kit using /createkit
    - Open admin menu with /ue admin
    - Enable First Join Kit (Bottom Left)
    - Click on the chestplate item to select which kit is to be given
    How to use:
    - Perform /ue admin to open the menu
    - Click on the dye(not the items) to enable/disable. (For First Join Kit See Above)
    How to use:
    - Open /plugins/UltimateEssentialsPro/config.yml
    - Set 'world-per-world-spawn-mode' to "true"
    - Save Config.yml and perform /ue reload config in-game
    - Manually set a /setspawn for every world or one will be automatically set for you.
    How to use:
    - Locate the vault-permissions.yml file in /plugins/UltimateEssentialsPro
    Code (Text):
    # Custom Permissions can be created with their own minimum and maximum vaults
    # Players with each permissions with have the miniumum vaults available to them. And up to the maximum available for purchase.
    # Price of the purchasable vaults can be edited in the config.yml
    # Players with permission 'ue.vault.open' will gain the default min and max.
    # Use Example format below
    # permissions:
    #   example-name:
    #     min: 5
    #     max: 10
    #     rows: 4
    # Permission: 'ue.vault.open.example-name'

        min: 1
        max: 9
        rows: 6
    - Create new groups with the given format to specify 3 different categories
    - Min: How many vaults a player starts out with
    - Max: How many vaults they have the ability to buy
    - Rows: The number of rows each vault has
    - Give the permission ue.vault.open.<group name> to give the perm
    - With only the ue.vault.open perm, users will get the default values!
    How to use:
    - Open the config.yml in /plugins/UltimateEssentialsPro
    Code (Text):
      vault-price-increase-per-vault: 0
      vault-price: 10000
    - The default vault price for every vault can be set here, as well as an incrementing price for every vault purchased (Example, first vault to buy is $1000, next vault is $1200, next is $1400, etc.)
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