Using Title Broadcasts

Mar 23, 2015
Using Title Broadcasts
  • Hello everyone,

    This is a simple guide on how to use title broadcasts in my plugin ChatManagement Pro. Title broadcasts allow you to broadcast messages with the new titles in 1.8. With ChatManagement Pro allows you to broadcast these messages whenever you want!
    Title broadcasts are handy for a lot of things: a more fun way to recommend people to donate, for example. The possibilities are endless!


    Step 1:

    In order to broadcast a title, you will have to first type /bct t <message>. <message> can be anything you like. And of course, you can also use colors! The /bct t command will set the title of your title broadcast.

    Example: /bct t &7[&5Broadcast&7] &eWhy don't you visit our website!?

    Step 2:

    You will now have to set the subtitle by using /bct s <message>. And also here, <message> can be anything you want, and you can use colors!

    Example: /bct s &7[&3Website&7] &9Our &ewebsite URL &9is: &3&lwww.&5example&!

    Step 3:

    After making sure you've followed step 1 and step 2, you'll now be able to broadcast the message! Simply type the following to broadcast it:

    /bct send

    All players should now receive the message! Want to send it again? Just do /bct send again! If you want to setup a new message, simply repeat step 1 and step 2!


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