VentureChat Commands and Permissions

Mar 11, 2019
VentureChat Commands and Permissions
  • venturechat.mute /mute , /unmute , /muteall & /unmuteall

    venturechat.chwho /chwho

    venturechat.setchannel /setchannel

    venturechat.kickchannel /kickchannel

    venturechat.kickchannelall /kickchannelall

    venturechat.setchannelall /setchannelall

    venturechat.force /force

    venturechat.forceall /forceall

    venturechat.reload /chatreload

    venturechat.spy /spy

    venturechat.commandspy: /commandspy /chatinfo

    venturechatn.channelinfo /channelinfo /me

    venturechat.ignorefilter /ignorefilter

    venturechat.commandblock /commandblock

    venturechat.nick /nick /party

    venturechat.edit /config help

    venturechat.clearchat /clearchat

    venturechat.rangedspy /rangedspy

    venturechat.ignorebutton /buttons

    venturechat.gui /venturechatgui

    venturechat.chatinfo.others Allows players to see the chat info of others.

    venturechat.color Allows players to use color in chat.

    venturechat.format Allows players to use special formatting in chat.

    venturechat.clearchat.bypass Allows players to bypass clear chat.

    venturechat.nick.bypass Allows players to bypass nickname restrictions.

    venturechat.nick.others Allows players to alter nicknames of others.

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