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Mar 22, 2021
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    (wiki is still being constructed)
    • Does VentureChat work with BungeeCord?
      • Yes! There are guides below to help you configure & run VentureChat on a BungeeCord network.
    • Why aren't ranks from my permissions plugin showing up?
      • Make sure that you have the latest versions of Vault and ProtocolLib installed in all servers running VentureChat.
    • How do I disable the Moderation GUI?
      • The Moderation GUI feature is granted by the permission "venturechat.gui." Players who do not have this permission will not see the icon next to messages and will not have access to the GUI. Oped players will always see the GUI icon.
    • Can I disable JSON hovers?
      • JSON hovers are a key part of VentureChat and cannot be fully disabled at this time. There are some amazing capabilities for JSON hovers especially utilizing placeholders.


    Setting up Bungee Cross-Server Messaging

    Setting up a cross-server channel is simple with VChat. First, make sure you have VentureChat installed on the proxy and all of the servers you want to use it on.

    In the "bungeeconfig.yml" generated on the proxy, scroll down near the bottom of the page and ensure that "messaging:" is followed by "true".
    Code (Text):
    # enable bungeecord messaging
    messaging: true

    In the config generated in the non-bungee servers, simply create a channel with the same name. In this example, we'll make a channel called "Build." You can call the channel whatever you'd like, just make sure all servers use the same name.

    Code (Text):
        color: dark_green
        chatcolor: white
        mutable: true
        filter: true
        autojoin: true
        default: true
        distance: 0
        cooldown: 0
        bungeecord: true
        alias: b
        permissions: None
        format: '&2 Build &7┃ {groupprefix}{nickname}&7 :'
    Whilst creating the channel, add the node "bungeecord: true" (make sure it's set to true) on all servers where you would like cross-messaging to be accessible. Note that the above example creates a bungee channel with no permission required, but you can create a channel that requires permission to speak in or see as well. See the example below:
    Code (Text):
        color: green
        chatcolor: green
        mutable: false
        filter: false
        autojoin: true
        default: false
        distance: 0
        cooldown: 0
        bungeecord: true
        alias: st
        permissions: staffchannel
        format: '&7[&aStaff&7] {groupprefix}{nickname}&7 :'
    Placeholders not appearing?

    Code (Text):
    Download the PlaceholderAPI expansion packs:

    /papi ecloud download Player
    /papi ecloud download Vault
    /papi ecloud download [plugin name]
    /papi reload
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