Village Defense FAQ

Feb 20, 2018
Village Defense FAQ
  • This page is going to be deprecated/removed when 3.0.0 gets released.
    Village Defense: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • TIP: Contains useful information about current problem.
    • WARNING: Warns about problem that can break plugin/cause weird behaviour.
    • bold print informs about specific information about the problem
    • bold silver print represents files

    Q: Why aren't my players able to join the game through signs?
    Your sign is probably located in the spawn protection area. You must set spawn-protection value in file to 0 to allow non op players to join game through these signs.

    TIP: If you don't want to change this value, put your signs outside of this area.

    Q: Language migrator failed to migrate file successfully.
    In this case you must generate new language.yml file to make sure that plugin won't break during runtime.

    Q: How to setup the shop?

    Create chest in a safe place where players can't reach and aren't able to open the chest. Next select your shop items and type /setprice <price> command to set in game item price.
    Then look at the chest and set it through setup GUI when looking at it. After restart it should be done.

    TIP: You can create double chest. Just make it double and set it as normal.
    TIP: To set empty space between items just put there redstone blocks. They are replaced with air.
    WARNING: If shop is not defined villagers won't open it if you click them.

    Q: How can I perform the /setprice command?
    You must be Operator.

    WARNING: You can't set price for items that contains lores.

    Q: There is a screenshot of secret well build?
    Yes, look in spoiler.
    P.S. You can build them, how you like. But people shouldn't be able to pick rotten flesh from the hoppers. And don't place hoppers to deep.

    Q: Why my signs are frozen in "Waiting" state?
    Make sure you fully configured your arena. Shop is needed too!
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