Village Defense FAQ

Feb 16, 2016
Village Defense FAQ

  • Village Defense: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    My players aren't able to join games?
    This problem is most likely caused by the spawn protection from Spigot/Bukkit. To solve this problem, simply set "spawn-protection" in the "" file to zero.

    My shop doesn't work?
    To setup the shop, u simply need a chest and priced items. Place a chest in a protected region or somewhere only admins can come so that only admins will be able to open the chest. The next step is to add priced items in the shop. This is done by pricing items (Perform the command /setprice <amount> while holding the item in your hand.) and placing those items in the chest. Once this is done, you'll have to add the chest to arena. This is done by looking at the chest and clicking on the chest in the setup menu. Now restart the server and it should work.

    If u have empty slots between items, u'll have to place redstoneblocks inbetween them to keep them in place. Those redstone blocks will be replaced with air on load.

    Can I use a double chest for the shop? How?
    Yes. Just simple look at the double chest when adding the shopchest.

    I can perform the /setprice command?
    U have to be OP to perform this command.

    There is a screenshot of secret well build?
    Yes, look in spoiler.
    P.S. You can build them, how you like. But people shouldn't be able to pick rotten flesh from the hoppers. And don't place hoppers to deep.
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