WildStacker - Blocks Stacker

Aug 13, 2019
WildStacker - Blocks Stacker
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    Stacked blocks are designed mainly for Skyblock, so players won't need to have huge boxes of valued blocks in their islands, but only one actual block with many blocks inside it. The blocks stacking feature is designed as "barrels" that contain blocks inside them. Great feature for skyblock servers.



    All the features are located under the barrels section in the config.yml file.
    You can toggle all of them, and edit their values.


    The radius of blocks that will be checked for other barrels to stack into.


    A custom name that stacked barrels will have. You can disable this feature by setting it to "".


    A list of entities that will get stacked. Make sure you type the material types correct.


    A maximum stack amount that a specific barrel will have.


    A list of worlds that barrels won't get stacked inside them.


    Should barrels will be stacked without checking merge-radius, but check for others barrels inside the chunk (merge-radius will be checked for only y-level)?


    Should explosions break the entire stack, or just reducing it by one?


    Should barrels will only be stacked after running a toggle command? You can also set the toggle command.


    Should right clicking barrels will open an inventory that you can drop blocks there?

    Top-Plugins Support(top)

    Stacked barrels are supported by a few top-plugins:


    The original version of askyblock doesn's support WildStacker, but - I created a fork of the plugin that supports WildStacker. You just need to replace your askyblock.jar with the new one.
    You can download the plugin here.


    SuperiorSkyblock is a custom core for skyblock created by myself. It has a island-top feature, that supports WildStacker.
    You can purchase the plugin here.


    IslandTop is an addon to ASkyblock that brings a better and much more optimized island-top system than the original one. Therefore, it supports many stacking plugins, including WildStacker.
    You can purchase the plugin here.


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